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Spice Up Your Wordrobe With A Tan Suit

A tan suit falls under the category of a brown suit as they fall within the same color family.

Like the light gray suit a khaki one can spice up the wardrobe especially for the man who constantly wears suits to work.

They are are a solid choice for low contrast men as the lack of color won’t overpower neutral features and allow you to wear pastels to more effect.


To begin with i did A Black tie,Black Belt and Black Sharp Formal pair of Ethiopian Leather shoes coz this outfit was entirely formal though for the Summer.again black is contrasting to Tan which makes my accessories Noticeable from a distance.


Allow me talk about the choice of shirt.A light green coloured shirt always does well with bright colours of suits.I also wore an icing on the cake i.e a POCKET SQUARE.The Essence of using a pocket square is to simply show the world that you pay attention to DETAILS.Always ensure not to match the pocket square with anything else.The brighter the colour,the more the attention.The fold you can make it as crazy and complex as you possibly can.


Did the above photo on a black background for you to notice my socks HAPPY SOCKS.

Men are no longer conservative with colours.Having dark colours of socks is soo Outdated.Add a couple of flowered,stripped and also plain bright colours of socks into your wardrobe.They make you happy and Noticeable.Hehehe am told you also ladies like men who love bright colours and stand to be noticed.Off the Camera.


Most men Wear veeery long pairs of trousers.You should never give a trouser an allowance to fold itself .Let it be straight.



DID YOU notice my wrist watch?A gold classy watch preferably Calvin Kleins always makes a gentle man not only look serious  but also classy.Finally i did my normal glasses for the serious look again.Glasses also makes someone look CONFIDENT.


AS i leave am hopping you noticed my hair size.Its short and thats how men should always look.If you wanna be more modern,be bald headed.Its the most current fashion.

What do you think about my look.Let me know in the comment area below

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